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North Shore Animal League America’s Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center is now filled with adorable, adoptable animals and officially open to the animal-loving public. Beginning on Thursday, November 21, the new 14,000 square foot addition, atop the original adoption center, will be housing adoptable felines while the original main level will feature adoptable canines.

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Gala 2018 Press Release

North Shore Animal League America celebrated another year of animal rescue work at its annual Get Your Rescue On Gala on Friday, November 30th at Pier 60 At Chelsea Piers. This year's evening was the coolest party in town, drawing attendees from all sectors of New York's animal-loving community and beyond.

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When Being A Senior Means Being Perfect

There are all kinds of reasons senior pets find themselves in shelters, and 90 percent of those reasons have nothing to do with the pets. And there are all kinds of reasons senior pets make fantastic companions, and 100 percent of those reasons have everything to do with the pets. I’ve been thinking a Read More

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Making Wishes…And Making Them Come True!

A couple of weeks ago Howard and I were relaxing with a small group of friends when I just sort of blurted out — and I’m not sure where this came from —“You know what I wish? I wish every adoptable pet at North Shore Animal League America gets adopted by Christmas.” And, wow! Read More

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Grateful for the Chance, Thankful for the Lives

A wise person once said, “Take a chance. You never know how perfect something might turn out to be.” I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, especially as we approach Thanksgiving, a time when gratitude is on the minds of so many of us. Right now, our house is a cornucopia of Read More

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“The Heart of TV”

Getting Our Rescue On with The Hallmark Channel If you loved the silly shenanigans of the Kitten Bowl, the out-of-the-park fun of the Paw Star Game, and the golden moments of this year’s Kitten Summer Games, you have one person to thank: Bill Abbott. As President and Chief Executive Officer of Crown Media Family Networks, Hallmark Channel, Bill Read More

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Black Cats, Silly Superstitions, and a Postscript Named Jasper

His name is Leon Bear Stern, and he is magnificent. In fact, if you were to imagine an archetype of “the black cat,” you’d probably picture someone like Leon Bear — dignified, regal, confident, intelligent, and wise. And his luscious black coat is one of the most glorious things about him…that and his Read More

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Kitten Summer Games 2016: On Hallmark…And at My House!

Well, it happened, and it was pure gold! The inaugural Kitten Summer Games, broadcast by my friends at The Hallmark Channelon August 5, was a spectacular success: One hundred kitten cat-letes, who had absolutely no idea they were competing, no idea they were beyond adorable, and no idea that millions of people were watching them Read More

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