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Located on the shores of Lake George, Warren County is home to approximately 66,000 residents. It is also the site of one of our newest and most exciting projects, the North Country Initiative (NCI), launched in September 2015. Working with the NCI team, we’ve developed a holistic program to address the complex problem of feline overpopulation in ways that are humane, educational, and lasting.

“We not only have a no-kill rescue and adoption facility for felines,” says Senior Vice President of Operations Joanne Yohannan. “but we also support NCI’s spay/neuter initiatives to ‘plug the flood’ of new litters and also conduct local adoption events with NCI and other Warren County rescue groups.” Equally important, says Joanne, are efforts to implement a series of programs that deal with the immediate needs of feral colonies and the many friendly cats who are ready to begin new lives in good homes.

Total Lives Saved To Date

Lives Saved
Were Adopted

With the balance being returned to their owners or managed colonies.


Meet Our Adoptable Cats

Adopt a cat, save a life and add to your loving family.

Volunteer Opportunities

There are many opportunities to help make a positive difference in the lives of felines of the Adirondack, NY region.

Stray and Feral Cat Program

If you are a resident of Warren County, New York and have a feral cat overpopulation problem in your neighborhood, we want to help!

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