My aunt abused my dog while I was on vacation. What can I do?

////My aunt abused my dog while I was on vacation. What can I do?


My family and I went on vacation recently, and left our dog with my aunt for three days. We believed she'd be a fit dog-sitter because she already has a dog of her own. When we came back to retrieve our dog, though, we found that he had obviously been beat up (bloody legs and body, a patch of skin on his nose missing), and he hadn't been fed in THREE DAYS. I'm furious, and wondering if there's anything we can do legally. Not seeking specific advice, just if any options are available. Thank you.


People in Minnesota who believe that an animal was mistreated can contact the Animal Humane Society, the police, animal control, and other entities in their area with authority to enforce animal protection laws. Cruelty to animals is against the law. A pet "parent" may also commence a civil lawsuit for money against a pet-sitter to try to get compensated for veterinary expenses and other damages incurred as a result of a pet-sitter's negligence or intentional acts which resulted in harm to an animal under his/her care. I hope your dog makes a full recovery.

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