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Our fondest memories and funniest stories often feature the family pet.  Regardless of our age, pets bring us joy, love, and companionship.  They inspire us each and every day, they positively impact our health and can change how we see the world.

Our Seniors For Seniors® program can help bring a wonderful pet and companion into your home. Our Adoption Counselors help each adopter find the perfect match. Our team has specially selected wonderful animals exclusively for this program. Then, our Seniors for Seniors program offers qualifying seniors with tremendous benefits to help care for their new best friend.

The Irving and Phyllis Millstein Foundation for Animal Welfare and The Graham Family Foundation generously provide support for the benefits of the Seniors for Seniors Program.

  • Open to all senior adopters 60 years or older
  • Adopted dog must be at least 4-years old
  • Adopted cat must be at least 8-years old
  • $50 adoption fee
  • $15 grooming, twice per year for the lifetime of the pet
  • 10% off pet products and pet food at our Pet Supply Store
  • Medical benefits available at our Alex Lewyt Veterinary Medical Center*:
    • Waived exam and medical co-pays for the first 15 days after adoption
    • Free annual Core vaccinations (DA2PPL or DAPPL, FVRCP, RABIES) – all other vaccinations 10% off
    • 2 Free wellness exams per year
    • Free annual blood/urine test: CBC, SMA, UA – All other diagnostics will be performed at 10% off
    • 10% off all preventatives
    • 15% discount on Microchipping
    • If a pet is adopted with dental disease and we did not perform a dental procedure prior to adoption, we will provide a free dental procedure during the first year of adoption.
    • Pets coming in for routine annual exams each year will receive $150 follow-up dental procedures. This includes a dental cleaning, anesthesia and any necessary extractions.
    • Pet owners are responsible for any medication the pet is prescribed, but will receive a 10% discount.

*All medical benefits listed above apply to services received at the Alex Lewyt Veterinary Medical Center only.

The Olga Graham Fund graciously supports our Seniors for Seniors program, helping seniors with limited incomes experience the joy of a pet.

To qualify for this program, an adopter must be 60 or older, and adopt an adult animal from North Shore Animal League America.  The number of adopters assisted by the fund is limited, and participants will be chosen on a first-come-first-served basis, provided they meet the required guidelines for eligibility. Please Contact Us to see if you qualify for this wonderful program.

Thanks to a grant from the Graham Foundation, the Olga Graham Fund may also be used on a more limited basis by seniors that want to receive the following benefits:

  • Discount flea and tick preventatives
    • A maximum of $500 per animal for any procedure or diagnostic test which does not fall under the guidelines for a wellness exam (CBC/SMA, T4/FT4, UA).

Contact Seniors for Seniors Services

For more information about the Seniors for Seniors services, to apply for the Olga Graham Fund, or if you are a member of the program with a question, please:

  • Call us at 516-883-7900 and ask to speak with a Senior for Seniors counselor
  • Email us at seniorsforseniors@animalleague.org
  • Visit us at our Port Washington Shelter at 16 Lewyt Street, Port Washington, NY 11050
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